The H3 Advisory Group is a global business advisory firm that provides strategic solutions to businesses around the world. We help clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors understand their most complex issues, recognize their unique value, identify their highest-value opportunities and grow their enterprises.

Businesses are always in a state of flux, either growing or contracting. In many cases, companies do not have the time or resources to navigate these transitions because they are focused on working in their business and not on their business. H3 Advisory Group’s primary objective is to help companies in transition identify and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth. Our expertise and strong network of relationships allow us to tackle complex issues in an efficient way that maximizes your bottom line.

We have a long history of delivering innovative results – not just reports. We structure and implement systems to efficiently administer your cash flow. We audit and examine vendor contracts to reduce costs. We strategize marketing and business development plans to increase sales and scalability. We create and oversee growth or contraction plans to create the most effective and efficient way to deliver your product or service.