Our Services

Corporate Strategy
Most companies focus the majority of their time working “in the business” - delivering their product or service to the client in a profitable way. However, little time is spent working “on the business” - strategizing increased efficiency and growth. For over two decades, our corporate strategy principles have been helping emerging companies transform into market leaders. We help your business grow, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering the best product possible.

Our team boasts over two decades of financial expertise. We build accounting systems to improve management reporting and analyze the business for its senior executives. We implement internal controls to safeguard company assets and increase employee accountability. In addition, we have extensive experience working with and on Wall Street and through our network we source growth and seed capital for our clients.

Online Media Image
In today’s economy, your online media image and presence is as important as your product or services. Navigating through the crowded space of online media is challenging but has a direct correlation to the company’s bottom line. We create strategies to increase your company’s presence and image through various online media platforms.

PR & Marketing
In order to effectively increase its revenue base, companies need to understand what products and services are most useful to their client base, and the best way to provide those products and services. We guide you through the process of getting to know your customers and create new strategies for sales, external communications and business development. We devise solutions for marketing plans that generate improved sales and greater sustainable revenue streams.

Human Resources & Human Resource Management
A company is only as strong as its employees. They are the building blocks of your success. Our unique approach to Human Resources combines both policy development and implementation (Human Resources) with the understanding of how to best apply those policies in order to effectively develop personnel into human resources (Human Resource Management). We improve the quality of the hiring process, mitigate the risk of liability arising from those employees and help protect the company from corporate culture clashes and disgruntled personnel.

Facilities Management/Vendor Management
Smaller firms generally save costs by sharing responsibilities. Facilities Management is often an area that gets “shared” with other jobs around the office. As a result, when firms need to expand or contract they do not have any one individual or team that can manage these projects. We offer over ten years of expertise in office and facilities management, including office moves and relocations, expansions, downsizing, and re-designing space layouts. We have a strong network of contractors, architects, union crews, real estate professionals, and design teams throughout the country, and leverage these resources to analyze operational infrastructure and suggest areas for cost savings.

Information Systems & Technology
In order to effectively operate in the constantly-evolving world of modern business, managers must be knowledgeable in both business and computer science. We have the breadth of experience in Information Systems and Technology to identify technology solutions that improve your productivity and enhance your company’s performance. We expedite your network capabilities and oversee the improvement of your corporate website. We develop a corporate intranet system and perform maintenance on your network software & hardware.