Areas of Investment

We believe in backing outstanding entrepreneurs and then rolling up our sleeves to help them build lasting companies. We partner with dedicated people to create innovative products and solve complicated problems.We recognize that long-term success is based on backing the right management team. As successful entrepreneurs, we understand the company-building process and the personality it takes to do it well.We provide entrepreneurs with financial resources, a network of connections and an educated perspective to enable them to realize their company’s success. We look to create deep partnerships and muster all our resources to achieving lasting company success.
The mission of the H3 Alternative Financing Fund (the “Fund”) is to provide capital to small companies who are experiencing a liquidity crisis. Due to the increased banking regulations, most, if not all, the traditional sources of capital have been closed to these firms and this Fund is being established to capitalize on this market opportunity. Due to the lack of capital, these business owners are unable to grow their businesses. The Fund reviews the business needs and assets that are available to be used as collateral to extend financing to these growing companies that cannot access needed capital through traditional sources. Through the Fund’s investments, we expect these businesses to experience accelerated growth and a significant increase in enterprise value. The Fund will generate returns through various fees and participation in the increasing value of these businesses.
There are great companies that are currently experiencing a “crunch” either in finances, management or overall direction. We understand the life cycle of a business and recognize that certain company crises can be an opportunity for even greater growth.

At H3, we

  • Identify companies with potential for exponential growth and profitability but with a current financial, operational or management need.
  • Leverage capital and experience to create value-added opportunities for such companies.
  • Provide companies with necessary services to support their growth.
  • Restructure, refocus or reinforce each company to enable it to achieve its growth potential.